• Veganism/Vegetarianism Could Lead to Mental Health Issues, When Crappie Attack & the Latest Innovation From Elite Archery and Slick Trick Broadheads

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    If it’s not one thing it’s another for outfitter/fishing gudie and my longtime friend Greg Pavur. You might recall our interview last summer after Greg was tagged by a 10 inch rattlesnake. Fast forward to this summer and he was back in the hospital for multiple surgeries after getting a crappie fin (spine) stuck in his leg! Lots of laughs during this discussion between old friends.

    Next we spend a couple segments with Dr. Georgia Ede. The nutritional psychiatrist joins the conversation to discuss animal protein and it’s affect on our mental health. Fascinating stuff! I truly do feel sorry for vegans and vegetarians who are starving their brains of necessary vitamins and nutrients found in meat and animal fats.

    We then check in with Larry McCoy of Elite Archery and Slick Trick Broadheads. If you haven’t shot the new Elite Ritual, I highly recommend it! Larry also breaks down the latest from Slick Trick and discusses his plans for the upcoming fall hunting season.

  • Wildlife and Witch Doctors, Mountain Hunting for Vaal Reedbuck, Wildgame Carpaccio & South African Biltong & Bowhunting The Black Death

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    This is the South Africa Episode! We tackle the culture, hunting, food, and spirit of this beautiful country with our friends from John X Safaris:

    I just returned from spending a week hunting with my good friend and Professional Hunter Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris. We start off by discussing a very unique member of the Tiny 10 Antelope, the Vaal Reedbuck. You’ll have to tune in to find out what makes this thing so weird, but after putting my hands on one, it just might be the most odd animal I’ve hunted. Carl talks about some of it’s unique features as well as the unforgiving terrain we had to traverse in order to get into position to take a shot at this ram.

    Then we spend some time revisiting Carl’s childhood and some of the things he did in order to make money as a young boy. Fascinating stuff he’d collect and sell to the local witch doctor there on South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

    Next, Lee Van Zyl (Carl’s sister) jumps on to discuss traditional South African food and culture with me. Lee runs the kitchen at the John X Safaris camp and to say her cooking is divine, would be a gross understatement. The different wild game preparations we ate in camp were as mind blowing as they were tantalizing. Lee discusses how she prepared some of my favorites, like the wildebeest carpaccio pictured below. Plus, if you’ve ever heard of Biltong, here is your chance to find out how to make the meaty treat!

    We round out the show by visiting with professional bowhunter and PH Martin Neuper. The joke around the John X Safaris camp is that Martin is the PH you’d assign to Chuck Norris if he was in camp. When Marten is hunting, animals tend to get killed! During this chat, we focus on bowhunting Cape Buffalo, a nerve racking undertaking for even the most polished of archery hunters. Martin breaks down what poundage and grain arrow/broadhead one needs to cleanly take down a cape buffalo. This is not an animal you want to pursue after being wounded due to an insufficient amount of kinetic energy.

  • 5 Pieces You Need in Your Early Season Arsenal, Hardcore Carnivore’s Jess Pryles on All Things Meat and Cerakoting Firearms, Ammo Deals and More with Trent Gilley of Overstocks and Bargains

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    If I am going on an early seasons archery elk hunt, chasing spring turkey or black bear or sitting in a treestand first week of October, these are the items that will be on my back or in my pack. Obviously I am loyal to First Lite, but if you prefer another brand, then find something in their lineup that is similar to these 5 pieces from First Lite. I’ve been backpacking a long time and these items are as functional and comfortable as it gets for mild weather.

    Next, the Hardcore Carnivore herself Jess Pryles jumps on to talk all things MEAT! A self made social media persona, respected author and meat ambassador of all kinds, Jess talks about her background and the lack of grilling/smoking/BBQ culture in her home country of Australia. She moved to Texas 8 years ago and has been soaking up the cooking and hunting culture like white bread in BBQ sauce ever since!

    We also discuss her dry aging process (see below) and the differences between dry aging beef vs venison. Also, get ready for a duck fat based caramel flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced! Good things with as big a meat fanatic as you’ll find.

    Then our old friend Trent Gilley from Overstocks and Bargains drops in to talk cerakoting firearms, bulk ammunition buys, gun safes and a few specials that Overstocks and Bargains are offering to Lone Star Outdoor Show listeners. (Where else are you going to find 100 rds of 9mm ammo for twenty bucks?)